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Shipping Instructions

Please follow these instructions to make sure that Floral Preservation receives your flowers in the best possible condition.

Please use an overnight delivery service like UPS, Fed Ex, or U.S. Postal Express.
Do not ship your flowers on a Friday–wait until Monday so that your flowers are not sitting in a hot or freezing truck all weekend.

1. Keep your flowers refrigerated until the last minute (even in the shipping box).

2. Make sure your flowers are well hydrated by clipping the ends at angle 1/2″ if possible and place into a clean vase with water.

3. Put your flowers in the refrigerator  with no fruits and vegetables around your flowers.  Please make sure your flowers do not drop below 43 degrees.  If the petals freeze we will loose them.  Make sure they are not placed in the freezer.

4. Please label multiple bouquets: bride, maid of honor etc.

5. Please include the signed terms and conditions located under the terms page at, the non-refundable deposit of $150 to cover flower preservation work (check, bank check, or money order).

Please be gentle – try not to bruise or break the flowers.  Wrap the flowers loosely with DRY tissue paper or paper towels.  Place the flowers in an insulated foam ice chest (please be sure to use this in the summer months and make sure to place a frozen gel pack at the bottom taped securely using electrical tape, fill the remainder of the chest with paper or packing peanuts and place into a sturdy shipping box for overnight) or sturdy shipping box on a layer of foam peanuts.

Then sprinkle more foam peanuts into the box until the flowers are loosely surrounded.Try not to crush or bruise the flowers.   The foam peanuts will prevent the flowers from shifting around in the box.

All products are subject to availability.


Ship overnight immediately to:

Preserve Your Florals
187 Jackson St.
Zebulon, GA  30295