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It is best to get your flowers to us within 2 to 3 days after the day of the event.

Place flowers (if in vase or oasis make sure there is water in the container then place in the bag filled with air) in water in the refrigerator.

Trim stem about 1/2 inch if possible for flowers to re-hydrate.

Make sure there are no fruits and vegetables around flowers when placed into refrigerator.

Do Not Place Flowers In The Freezer!

You may deliver the flowers to Floral Preservation by Event Designs in Zebulon, or at our new drop location in Roswell.

You may also call us for courier service 770-584-7992.  Using the Roswell drop or courier service, will incur a delivery charge.


We do have insulated shipping boxes and hydrating solution on hand to send to you if you call us 2 weeks prior to your event.

Please let us know that they are on their way. Call  770-584-7992.

All products are subject to availability.